The lodge

This is our check-in location and the resort watering hole for all your needs.

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Visit Our Resort Lodge

The lodge is centrally located on the resort and has a pool table, several video games, TV and books & magazines to enjoy and return. Pop, juice, water and 3.2 beer is sold, along with a variety of candy, chips, Schwans Ice Cream treats, popcorn, pizzas and corn dogs. For the perfect memory of your vacation you can pick up a sweatshirt, T-Shirt or cap!

We also have a selection of bait consisting of night crawlers and leeches. Gas and oil are also available. Forget to pack something? We also have a limited supply of groceries to meet your last-minute needs.

Playground & Activities

The playground is located on the beach of the swimming area so kids can swim a while and then take a break and play on the playground. We have a very nice play station that offers climbing, swinging, slide, rings and a good imagination for hours of playtime. We also have a swing set for very small children and a swing set for the older kids as well as a merry-go-round. Bring your own sand toys or use the collection stored by the lodge entrance.

Many families bring their bikes, skateboards, inline skates and scooters as our driveway and parking lot is paved. We offer basketball, tetherball and volleyball. Impromptu softball, football and soccer have also been played in the parking lot or on the west side of the resort by the volleyball net.

Boats & Motors